Tal Levi

Contact information
School of Social Work
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel Haifa, Israel 31905


Education and Training

Master of Social Work, Trauma Track, 2012-Present

The University of Haifa

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education Consulting, 2008-2011

The University of Haifa

Biographical Sketch

Tal Levi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Education Consulting from the University of Haifa. She is now a graduate student at the School of Social work at the University of Haifa and specializes in trauma. She currently performs her practical work at "Ofek Nashi" - a rehabilitation hostel for women in prostitution. Previously, she worked as research assistant for Dr. Yair Ziv, a developmental psychologist and took part in an international research examining social information processes among children at women's shelters. She also collaborates with Prof. Arie Melnik, researching Israeli welfare policy