We are always looking for new members to join the lab.


Post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. candidates, and M.A. students should contact Dr. Bernstein directly, by email (abernstein@psy.haifa.ac.il). We are looking for curious, motivated, and skilled folks who want to devote themselves to our shared program of research. International students - who do not speak Hebrew and interested in Postdoctoral or Ph.D. studies - are encouraged to contact us as well.

B.A. students who are looking to do directed or other research in our lab should contact Yuval Hadash or Reut Plonsker – graduate students in our lab who manage recruitment of B.A. students.

International B.A. students – who have been admitted to the University of Haifa International School Honors Psychology program directed by Dr. Bernstein – should contact Dr. Bernstein directly, by email.

Currently, we are not looking or any new paid staff. We will advertise any such positions here.